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Previous Campaigns

Safer Events - The Medix

The campaign seeks to reduce illicit drug related harm at high-risk settings including festivals, events and night venues.

Get the Real Facts

The campaign seeks to prevent and delay the uptake of illicit drug use.

Meth Can Take Control

The overall aim of the campaign was to prevent and delay the uptake of methamphetamine use and encourage the stopping of use. 


The campaign focused on the harms associated with cannabis use, including issues relating to physical health, and mental health and wellbeing. 

Drug Driving

The campaign focused on the harms associated with drug driving, including harm to yourself and others as well as the drug driving laws.


The ‘Amphetamines turn you into something you can’t see for yourself’ campaign focused on how someone using amphetamines can lose control of their lives without realising it.


The campaign focused on the varied content and composition of ecstasy as well as the short-term and long-term impacts it has on individuals physical and mental health.

78% Don't Use

The Drug Aware Illicit Drug Prevention, Generic Drugs “78% don’t use” campaign aims to reinforce that most young people in WA don’t use drugs. 

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