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Strong Spirit Strong Mind Metro Project

A culturally secure campaign which focuses on the impact of alcohol and drug use on the individual’s physical health and the impact on family and community.  The campaign encourages young people to prevent or delay the uptake of alcohol and drug use and encourages those who use to seek support.


The Strong Spirit Strong Mind Metro Project campaign has been running since 2012.

It aims to prevent and delay the early uptake of alcohol and other drugs by Aboriginal young people in the Perth metropolitan area. 

The message was informed through a consultation process with Aboriginal youth groups and agencies in the Perth metropolitan area.

Key message

The key messages of the campaign are that alcohol and drugs can result in:

  • you doing things you may regret
  • you getting into trouble with the law

It also tells you where you can find out more information or get support.

Target group

Aboriginal youth aged 12 to 25 years.

Campaign objectives

The Strong Spirit Strong Mind Metro Project Campaign objectives are to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of risks/harms associated with alcohol and other drug use.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of support services in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Campaign videos


The medics are here to help you, not call the Police*

It's safer not to use drugs, but if someone does and starts to have problems - get help fast! Call an ambulance on 000 or if you're at a festival go to the First Aid Tent.

*The Police will not attend unless there is a death or someone is threatened.