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How does meth affect your life?


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What next

Explore why you use

Well done for taking the time to complete the checklist. It can be really hard to be honest with yourself about what’s going on with your meth use and how it is impacting your life.


Now you’ve weighed up the good and not so good things about your use you can make one of the following decisions: not use as much; not use at all; or continue to use the same amount.


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How in control are you?


There are many reasons why people use meth. The checklist will help you have a think about some of the things you enjoy about your meth use and also help you identify some of the areas that might not be working for you as well.


“I’ve been a fly-in fly-out worker for about seven years now. Using meth always used to be a bit of fun, every now and then, when I was back home. But then I began using the whole time I was off work. I started to drop the ball when I was back on the job – I was arguing with my work mates, was scattered and exhausted and had started making mistakes. I ended up getting a warning from the boss. He told me to get my act together or I was gone. I was lucky that I hadn’t had a positive drug test on the job and I knew it was only a matter of time. I needed my job – we’ve got a big mortgage and had a baby on the way. I’d been arguing with the missus every time I was home because I was always out with my mates using and burning through the cash. When she found out I’d missed two mortgage payments and had a warning at work she said she’d leave me if I didn’t change. Everything was going wrong in my life – I liked using meth but I didn’t want to lose all the stuff that mattered. I didn’t know what I needed to do but I knew I needed to do something.”

- Aaron, former drug user

Aaron's Story


Physical Health


Mental Health




Work, Study and Money




Anything else?


Are there any other troubles you're dealing with at the moment that weren't on the list?


Kelly's Story

Kelly's Story

"I wasn’t really worried about my using cos it was fun and we were all doing it and everyone seemed to be OK.  It wasn’t til some of my mates started getting into a lot of shit with it that I started to have a look at what I was doing.  When you start really thinking about some of the stuff you do…  I think that was when I thought maybe I need to cut back…"

Calculate the cost of your use

It might seem like it doesn't cost too much now, but it all adds up.

How much do you spend a fortnight on meth?


You could save each year by quitting.

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