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24hr Alcohol and Drug Support Line
  • Metro (08) 9442 5000
  • Country 1800 198 024
  • Emergency 000

Look after each other

Stay together. Look after your family and friends. 
If someone becomes very fearful or is feeling crazy, keep them calm and safe. 
Do not leave them alone.
If someone experiences any bad effects or passes out, make sure you call 000 for an ambulance straight away.
By doing this you could save their life. Sometimes we worry about getting help when we really need it. Ambulance officers are only interested in helping and Police will not be contacted unless they feel threatened or if someone has died.

  1. If someone has passed-out, put them on their left side and make sure they can breathe.
  2. Dial 000 for an ambulance , stay calm and speak slowly and clearly
  3. Stay with your friend till the ambulance arrives - never leave them alone

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The medics are here to help you, not call the Police*

It's safer not to use drugs, but if someone does and starts to have problems - get help fast! Call an ambulance on 000 or if you're at a festival go to the First Aid Tent.

*The Police will not attend unless there is a death or someone is threatened.