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Safer Events and Venues

The campaign seeks to reduce illicit drug related harm at high-risk settings including festivals, events and night venues.

Know the Signs

Visit the Staying Safe page for information.

The Drug Aware Safer Events and Venues “The Medix” campaign commenced on 19 November 2017.

The campaign promotes evidence-based strategies to prevent harms including dehydration, overhydration, overheating and poly-drug use.

The campaign also raises awareness of the signs that someone is experiencing illicit drug related physical or mental health issues and encourages patrons to get help from event first aid or emergency services.

Campaign objectives

  • Increase awareness of illicit drug harm reduction strategies
  • Increase awareness of the signs someone is having physical or mental health issues associated with illicit drug use
  • Reduce fear of accessing medical assistance from event first aid and ambulance services.

Target group

Young adults aged 18 to 34 years who use illicit drugs at festivals, other music events and night venues.

Key messages

  • Stay hydrated by drinking 500 - 600mls of water over each hour
  • Take chill out breaks to prevent overheating
  • Take care of your mates
  • Don’t mix drugs - mixing is risky and the effect can be unpredictable
  • First aid and ambulance services "The Medix" are here to help, not call the Police - unless threatened or there is a death
  • If experiencing illicit drug related physical or mental health issues, seek help from first aid or emergency services straight away.

Campaign Posters


User Journey

The target audience is encouraged to visit the Staying Safe section of the website for tips and information.



The medics are here to help you, not call the Police*

It's safer not to use drugs, but if someone does and starts to have problems - get help fast! Call an ambulance on 000 or if you're at a festival go to the First Aid Tent.

*The Police will not attend unless there is a death or someone is threatened.