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Drug Driving

Drug Aware Drug Driving Education Campaign

The long term goal of the campaign is to raise awareness in at-risk drivers of the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs (other than alcohol) and to ultimately modify driver behaviour to ensure a greater compliance with traffic laws and reduce drug-related road trauma.

Current Campaign

The key message of the campaign is to remind and educate drivers that drugs and driving do not mix. Drugs have varying effects on skills, judgement and risk-taking behaviour, which can impair a person’s ability to drive safely.

The new campaign predominately features radio and online advertising targeted to reach anyone who might use drugs and drive, to remind them when they are going out that drug driving is dangerous and that they could be tested for drug driving.

Also included is outdoor advertising in identified high-risk entertainment venues and precincts.

The Drug Aware Drug Driving Education Campaign is a joint initiative of the Drug and Alcohol Office, Road Safety Council and the Western Australian Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (WANADA).

Radio Ads Penalties

Radio Ads Driver impairment



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